Emergent Forms

A new work from Susan Sgorbati & Elliot Caplan.
Dancers: Marie Blocker, Lydia Chrisman, Emily Climer, Nicole Daunic, Katie Martin, Joseph Poulson, Zornitsa Stoyanova, Nikolaus Tsocanos.

This dance is actually entirely improvised, though it looks choreographed. The technique being used is called Emergent Improvisation developed by Susan Sgorbati. She defines it as, “…a process of composing in the moment… the ordering or structuring of different kinds of forms in the present moment that does not involve an exterior agent or outside director.” These are all highly trained dance improvisers who have developed keen awareness to the moment by moment changes of the emerging composition. It’s a very interesting approach to improvisation in performance that has larger implications across disciplines as well. Susan Sgorbati discusses the history, details, and future of Emergent Forms in this interview:


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