Senior Project Happenings

The most clear parts of my senior project thus far, as of the end of fall semester.

These sections may or may not be connected. They may or may not stay in the piece. The dance lives in a world of perpetual unknowing (as most art does for a long time/forever), but that is fine and I like it that way right now.

The ‘final’ product will be drastically different from this I am sure, but will be performed in the OSU Department of Dance Spring Concert, March 26-28, 2015.

Check it out!


The guest artist this semester hails from Denmark, so it may be surprising that our teacher Tine Salling is introducing us to a few hip hop forms, specifically locking, popping, and house dance. This video is the result of an assignment to video ourselves locking around campus with the few weeks of experience we have with the dance style. Check out our wacky play around campus, it is definitely cheesy:

Proyecto Nuevo 2 by Estafania Dondi

Just got back from Costa Rica and am so pleased I found this video of a dance performed by Estafania Dondi that I saw on one of my last days in the country. It had me in tears, which seems notable. It was a combination of the music, her expressivity, utter embodiedness, and fluid, strong physicality that just took me somewhere. Thinking about it makes me want to cry again. This video gives a small sense of what it was like.

Intermedia and In Process additions

Just bringing attention to some updates,I have just added a section in the blog for my Intermedia Performance class including an essay on integration and reflections on the ‘final’ project. All of those will be under ‘Intermedia’ in the menu. I will also be continuing the research I began in the ‘In Process’ section for my Special Comp.Topics class that will feed into my final project. That section should be expanded by mid-December. Thanks for reading!

New: ‘In Process’ section

I am working on a process blog for a Special Comp. Topics study that you can find in the menu as ‘In Process’. I am looking at gender and how I perceive it’s manifestations in dancing bodies. There is a page with my video source materials, under ‘video documentation’, and process reflections under ‘process thoughts’. There is more I would like to articulate and refine, but this feels like a good start. Check it out, share your thoughts, ask me questions! A lot of my most interesting discoveries have come from conversations with people, so please talk to me!